Saturday, July 26, 2014

Press Play: Good Vibes

Ready for a road trip? Or a long haul flight? Even if you're not going anywhere, make sure to keep the good vibes rolling; here's a list of our favorite getaway tracks. Happy holidays! xx

Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Shipping: July 31

Hear, hear! Our shipping division will be having an Eid break starting from July 28 till Aug 3. But for a day in July 31, we'll be just at your service for the delivery. Get you favorite item(s) as soon as possible!

Happy holidays! xx

On our Radar: Mija

© Mija
In order to get the sparks on in our life, daily inspirations are what we require. It could come from anywhere - the blue sky, good music or even some words of wisdom. When it comes to fashion, it becomes necessary to put interesting fashion blogs onto our list of inspiration. This time, we're adding up one more fashion blogger to our radar - it's Mija. How could she not? Pairing monochrome pieces would be pretty boring for those who do it wrong, but for Mija, she always puts forward the essence of solemn minimalism in creating each and every outfit post. For now, let's forget those bold-colored clothes for a little while and steal Mija's ideas of dressing up in simplicity.
© Mija

Thursday, July 24, 2014

For the Love of #Archipelago!

Batik doesn't always have to be associated with conventionality. Yes, it is indeed one of the greatest Indonesian heritage that we embrace, but through Cotton Ink Archipelago, we explore the variety of Batik motifs and put a solemn touch of modernity to it. Versatile to be paired with either short pants or midi skirt, for the love of #Archipelago, get your favorite piece(s) right here, right now!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carline Darjanto's Travel List

Holiday season is just around the corner and we can hardly wait to share our thoughts on personal styling and the most important thing is the reason for one to travel. Right before her journey to the beautiful city of Istanbul, our Creative Director Carline Darjanto lays bare what's inside her luggage: the travel essentials.

I travel because traveling is always on my list. It goes without saying that once in a few months, I need to travel, either to somewhere I've been to or to some other places that I've never been to. We as humans are blessed with an extremely huge world that has no end, therefore, we're never out of destinations to travel.

My favorite travel destination is Komodo Island. When I was in the island, me and my companions didn't get to access a glimpse of internet connection, where in fact, we all know that a hotspot is compulsory for twentieth century human beings. With the breeze of fresh air that touched my face and the calming perpetual sound of the ocean, I felt incredibly good without any signals. Yes, it's true that I couldn't access anything that's connected to my work, but I think that's the point of a good holiday. Taking a few days off of the hustle and bustle in the big city, it becomes necessary to explore the holiday destination, on top of that, it becomes momentous to do a thorough self-reflection. The crucial point of having a break is to release the tense and absorb new inspiration to be further applied to our work, isn't it?

I never leave home without sunscreen. It is of the utmost importance, no matter where the destination is, I (and I bet everyone does) always need the perfect product to protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet. 

My ultimate travel tips is to pack interchangeable staples. For my upcoming trip to Istanbul, I've prepared my favorite Candice Top, Black Naomi Shirt and Esmee Top from Cotton Ink's latest collection - it makes me easy to pair one another with either shawl or necklace. And not to forget, never leave for your vacation without a pair of versatile shoes. My current favorite is Valentino 'Rockstud' Pump in red. Either wearing a comfy oversized shirt or statement tee, the heels is just the perfect complement to my casual traveling style.

My traveling words to live by is Hans Christian Andersen's "To travel is to live." It is as simple as that.

So, have you packed for your holiday yet? Share your travel essentials, style and stories to Instagram, don't forget to mention us and use these following hashtags #cottoninkholiday #youxcottonink. 

Happy holidays! xx

Where To Go: Istanbul, Turkey

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If you have read Dan Brown’s Inferno, then you may know a little bit of Istanbul’s beauty as the book is like a travel map for those of you who haven’t been there. In the book, Robert Langdon takes us to the landmark Hagia Sophia, Istanbul to visit the tomb of Enrico Dandolo. Besides that, Langdon also mentions that Istanbul is a beautiful city. Well, Robert Langdon is not the only one who is able to take you to a virtual trip to Istanbul. This time, Cotton Ink’s Creative Director, Carline Darjanto, will take you to the most exotic travelling journey in Istanbul! Tell us what you expect to read: Turkish cuisine review? A list of Istanbul landmark? Just keep an eye for the next part of #cottoninkholiday to Istanbul. Stay tuned on our Instagram @cottonink for the upcoming trip! 

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Editor's Letter: Dear Mr. President

Living in the world's third largest democratic country, it goes without saying that we always keep our eyes open on the election. We have our votes, we have our says.

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have today. Let us begin." -Mother Theresa

© Pinterest
Dear Mr. President,

I wrote this letter in the of hope for some major changes in Indonesia under your presidency for the next five years. First thing first, we didn't forget that both you and your opponent have declared yourselves as the winners of the national election merely based on some unofficial surveys, but of course, in this holy month, we forgive. We want no conflict of interest no more. Indonesia is the world's third largest democracy and yet, Indonesians still think of it as a form of luxury. Could you solve this for us?

Moreover, we know that you would not have the heart to hold your head up high while more than 32 million out of 234 million populations currently live below the poverty line. Yes, we do believe that you would execute all the possible means to lift more people out of poverty and narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.

As a home to hundreds of ethnic groups and cultures, we know that it's not easy to keep us all united, but it's your job as the president. You've got to find a way to make this work. We want to have that wholesome and refined sense of belonging of this country all over again. We want to believe in the words "from the people, for the people" one more time. We want to believe that you came from one of us and you'd lead us in doing great things.

Above all, I'm putting my high hopes in you.

Elisa Kuswari

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Day With: Andra Alodita

No matter how hot the weather outside, cheerfulness was in the air when we interviewed this photographer/blogger, Andra Alodita. She's the kind of woman you would never get bored to talk to - guess what, she laughed a lot! She didn't look less stunning even she just dressed in basic top and leggings. The secret to look as good as her in a casual outfit: statement red lipstick.

Does your personal style connect to your profession as a photographer?
Maybe it's more to my character. I love sweet, cute, and pretty things but not the too-girly things. I probably a kind of casual person, I pick whatever suits the character of the pictures I take. So, I think that character is close to my personal style.

Being a photographer, was it really your dream job as a child or was it anything else?
I was once wanted to be a musician, but then I realized that becoming one is not my passion. Thank God I now have a musician husband. Well, started when I was in high school, I knew that I had to get a job in creative world because I wasn't interested in mathematics or language. I enjoyed cooking and art class a lot back in high school.

Quick answer: coffee or tea?

Mention three of your favorite places to hang out in Jakarta.
Monolog at Pondok Indah Mall. Well, I actually like to spend my leisure time in front of my laptop. But there's another one, gym.

Can you tell us the music that always put you in a good mood and why?
Dance music, like hip hop, because that kind of music makes me feel energetic, it also uplifts my mood.

What would you like to do or have in the future?
I want to have children, make passive income—do and finish my job at home, and one thing that hasn't been accomplished, I want to travel the world.

We really like your outfit, could you give me the details of what you're wearing?
I knew that today's going to be hectic, that I'd do a lot of moves, so I'm wearing Cotton Ink's comfy top, my sport leggings cause I'm too lazy to wear jeans and Staccato sandals.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Choupette Is Releasing A Lifestyle Book

Yes, the rumor turns out to be true. Choupette, the three-year-old Siamese who is well-known as the companion of Chanel's Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld is getting her book deal. Predicted to be one of this season's most talked lifestyle book, it is entitled Choupette: The Private Life of A High-Flying Fashion Cat - covering chapters on beauty, fashion tips, favorite recipes and exclusive photos. Never thought of getting a cat before, Choupette was given to Lagerfeld to look after by the model Baptiste Giabiconi in 2011. Infatuated by her cuteness, Lagerfeld refused to return her, and as for now she's living the high feline life: she owns a personal iPad and becomes the face of Shu Uemura ad campaign. Well, the question is, does she live way better than most humans?

Click here to get to know Choupette better.