Sunday, August 23, 2015

Your Perfect Weekend Accessories!

Only the most perfect footwear for this weekend! 

This is something that is quite new to us, as we have never really came out with shoes or sandals of our own before. With these two though, it just feels right. As women, which we are sure most will agree with us, there is no such thing as having too much shoes and so there is always room for some more in our shoe closet!

We decided to go with the sliders and slip-ons because we feel like in this country with this weather, we can always use a pair of dressy sandals, that will not make us feel under-dressed and still has that stylish edge to it. 

As for the slip-ons, well, who doesn't love a pair of these, these days? So comfortable and edgy, yet will not make you feel under-dressed also (very important)! Pairing them with a short dress or a casual jeans could be the way to go. 

So, which pair is more for you? The Macy sliders or the Jamie slip-ons?


Black Macy - IDR 299 000

Black Jamie - IDR 349 000