Monday, February 23, 2015

Music Monday: Blur's First Single After 12 Years!

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Definitely a cheer up for this mundane Monday!

After releasing 'Think Tank' in 2003, Blur hasn't been out with a new album since. When news broke a few days ago of Blur releasing a new album after twelve years, all Blur fans definitely rejoiced! 'The Magic Whip', they titled it, is going to be released in the month of April this year! 

While lead singer Damon Albarn has been busy with his solo projects 'Everyday Robots' (which we loved), we can't help but be excited by this new single that the band has put out! Titled 'Go Out', the sound that the band has produced is nothing short of what we love about the band already. Opting to not sound like most bands today with EDM collaborations and such; Albarn, Coxon, and co went with their signature raw energy, which has so much grit and attitude. 

Drawing inspiration from their time recording the album in Hong Kong, the single was released during the Chinese New Year weekend recently, and even the lyric video is very much, um.. Chinese inspired. 

Check out the new single below!