Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Inspiration of the Day: Vimala

Nothing like a whiff freshness to boost up our creativity!

When you're feeling like the week is going so very slowly and not as well as you want it to go, sometimes your mind goes elsewhere. To a different place than where you need to be. Most likely to a place that is more relaxing than where you are at the moment. 

Well, we have come across a little something that is able to lift your spirits up without having to actually physically go anywhere. Meet Vimala, a brand that features many different artisanal products that focuses on natural living and healing. We had the chance to experience of their products for ourselves, the Aromatherapy with essential oils in the Creativity and Uplifting scents, and we must say, we are very much impressed!

We lit the aromatherapy up at our COTTONINK HQ and we have to say, everyone felt that their creativity was very much enhanced and uplifted! Yup, this one is something we are going to need a lot around here!

Follow Vimala on Instagram @vimala_co to order yours!