Friday, June 19, 2015

Your Daily Beauty Essentials!

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What's a girl without her daily beauty routines?

If you’re a girl on the go, there’s always an event of the day that you must get ready for. We’ve listed a few of our favorites and fundamental items that must be packed into your make up bag!

1. Your critical base
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Wearing foundation and primers might be a bit too much and heavy for some girls. It needs more touch-ups and reapplying after a few hours. When your skin needs a lighter layer of base, you can try to include a BB cream in your list. Purchasing a BB cream that has an SPF formula can also be a good way to even out your complexion and protecting it from the sunlight. This product is easier to apply by just smoothing it out evenly with your fingers. Most Beauty Balms these days also includes a moisturizing agent and vitamins to enhance your skin. Try: Lancome Bienfait Teinte Beauty Balm!

2. That waterproof mascara
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Invest in a good mascara to complete your look. This beauty item can elevate your eyes in just one brush! Bold black mascaras can give you an instant volume boost and make your eyes look more alive. Be sure to purchase a waterproof mascara that can endure throughout your activities. Another tip is to buy a mascara that has a volumizing brush, that way you won’t necessarily need to pack your lash curlers. You wouldn’t want mascara stains dripping on your face from rain, sweat or even worse, tears! Try: Make Over's Ultimate Lash Mascara

3. The eye definer
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Defining your eyes in a winged shaped or even just a simple line is one way to provide extra depths in your make up. If you are confident enough, try a colored liner, but to keep it safe for all sorts of event, select a neutral color such as black or brown. Pick a liner that is easy to use and has a soft texture to avoid irritation. Our current favorite is the soft, waterproofed, and tender liner from Make Over.

4. Lip balms that save your life
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It’s essential that you keep a lip balm with you all day long. You never know when the environment is dry or lacking of moisture, and just after that, you end up with chapped lips. Keep a nutritious lip balm that can salvage your lips before it gets worse. Applying a lip balm before your lipstick can give an extra color lock throughout the day. Our pick is the Lip balm from Make Over that comes in three variants!

5. The reliable lipstick 
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In our opinion, having at least one shade of lipstick in your make up bag is important. Whether you’re into Burgundy, Red, Coral, or a dark Plum, wearing your favorite lipstick will instantly boost your confidence. Another perk of having your favorite lipstick is that it can polish your entire look with just one coverage. Do opt for a lipstick that has a good pigment and is high in moisture. Beauty hack: if you don’t have a blush with you, dab a little bit of your lipstick onto your fingers and even it out on your cheeks! Lancome's Rouge in Love lipstick are definitely our fave!