Sunday, June 21, 2015

Must-Read Books For The Summer!

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Well, have we got the list of books for your Summer reads! 

Take time on your leisure to sit down and enjoy a book for the Summer. We’ve picked out five books with various genres that can run your imagination wild. Some of these books are even in production for a movie adaption, so be sure to read it before watching it!

1. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
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Gillian Flynn is back giving you a full dose of goosebumps! The author of Gone Girl creates a mysterious storyline about a little girl who experiences unfortunate events of a massacre that killed her mother and two sisters. Years later, she gets involved in an investigation that can track the witnesses and suspects of the day the massacre occurred. In addition, this mystery novel is adapted into a movie and will be released this year!

2. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green 
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An Abundance of Katherines is one of John Green’s work released in 2006. The author of The Fault in our Stars presents another love story, a good read for the love and romance enthusiast. This novel spares a story about an intelligent boy named Colin, who happens to have one type of girls he usually dates: someone like Katherine or the “Katherines” as he likes to name them. Colin realizes that he must find that missing piece; someone who isn’t Katherine and wants to prove his mathematical theorem in the hope to find that certain person. This novel is smart and full of insights on showing how Colin’s brain work and how he is formulates all his theorems.

3. How To Start A Fire by Lisa Lutz
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Lisa Lutz published her latest book, How to Start a Fire earlier this year. It wraps all sorts of emotion into one that occurs between a friendship, which includes 3 different yet very close women. The characters in this novel; Anna, Kate, and George; shared a friendship back in college. When life gets in the way, the friendship seems like a memory. Until one night they reunite after 20 years around a campfire, and all of the unspoken feelings, secrets, and tragedies unveil as they open up one by one. This novel is captivating, where the chance of having you moved and pulled by the brilliant narration is bound to happen.

4. Blueprints by Barbara Delinsky
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The Boston author, Barbara Delinsky is the mastermind behind this complex mother-daughter relationship fiction, Blueprints. The story focuses on how Caroline and Jamie (mother and daughter) who are the faces of 'Gut It!', a television show about home renovations. Caroline, the carpenter and the host of the show, was summoned by the network to be replaced by her daughter after the 56th birthday. Her frustrations build up due the fact that being the host was her identity. Plus, additional family issues, such as the death of her ex-husband provides more dilemma in the family situation. How will the mother and daughter cope with each other after?

5. Love and Miss Communication by Elyssa Freidland
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Having the thought of not holding your phone for just one hour could be unbearable. Who are you without your posts, tweets, updates, and the whole social media game? This debut novel by Elyssa Friedland is just what you need to read. Elyssa Friedland takes us into a story about Evie Rosie, a lawyer, and how she manages to put down her phone and live without the digital world. Evie experiences life’s humanly interactions without having a smartphone in your palm; conversations and actually living in real life. Follow her story on how she deals with her job, friendship, and dating life without the instant access to cyber world.