Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On Our Radar: Conclave

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A place to co-work. 

Jakarta is one of the fastest growing and busiest city in Asia. With more and more potentially creative minds in the city, Jakarta is in need of a spacious work area that pushes individuals to strive out of dullness. Nowadays, the term “self-employed” is frequently used for those who are not tied down to a specific occupation. Individuals that are self-employed are not always equipped with an area that can give an impact to their creativity boundaries. By creating a place to pour out your ideas, it could reduce the boredom set by a certain ambiance. That’s where Conclave comes in.

Conclave is a work place located south of the heart of Jakarta. It is strategically near one of Jakarta’s main road, Kapten Tendean Road and Wolter Monginsidi Road. This newly opened workspace is made out of a three-story building and a basement. Each story of the building accommodates different aspects of work; such as meeting room, workshop area, library, a mini cafe, a game room, a rooftop, and even an auditorium that has a capacity for 125 people. Hence, the facilities in Conclave serves the dual purpose of this particular workspace, which is applicable for those who are intending to gather with a group of people or those in favor of a quite and peaceful place to focus.

The color tones set by the team of 9 young creators of Conclave are projected in the likes of neutrals, such as beige, greys, chestnut, black, browns, and off-white. Colors such as those will create a serene and warm feel to workers in need of a productive day. Conclave is also furnished with wood elements, minimalistic furniture that supports the facility on each floor, brick walls, and cemented ceilings which provides a rustic yet modern edge to the atmosphere. 

Simple, modern, and functional are just what Conclave is.
 Jl. Wijaya 1 no. 5C