Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Means #COTTONINKBRUNCH Time!

Is there anything better on a Wednesday than having brunch with good company?

At 11 AM today, we welcomed two special guests to join their COTTONINK brunch; Claradevi Hendriatmadja and Ana Octarina. The ladies indulged their palettes with rich and flavorful dishes while sharing an intimate chit chat session.

The white table that was set up in the COTTONINK store was a wonderous sight that was decorated with flower ensembles by Black Moon Pot and completed by adorable chairs from Ethnicraft. Our guests had the chance to savor their taste buds on the delicious appetizers from Pandora Eats; mouthwatering main course that was supplied by Delico; the heavenly delightful desserts from PUYO and Creamy Comfort. The guests didn’t leave the brunch empty handed with the help of Pandora Eats that packed the tastiest nachos!

This brunch was definitely a great way to top up the second brunch! We can’t wait for the next one!