Monday, June 8, 2015

Picks of The Week: The Beloved Devon(s)!

Oh, the Devons are definitely our favorites! 

Along with this week's fresh collection from COTTONINK Archipelago, we have come out with an array of brand-new and revamped selections of our signature Devon shirts! As everyone probably already know, our love for the Devon shirt knows no end. It's the shirt that can be worn by almost literally; everybody. From women in all shapes and sizes, to, yes, men. Some of them anyways. We love seeing how everyone wears our Devon shirts! 

With its oversized fit, batwing sleeves, and the signature slashed pocket; the Devon shirt is that one thing that will be timeless. This week, the new Lemon Devon, Pink Devon, and Offwhite Devon have been made with a new and softer fabric that brings you more comfort.

So what are you waiting for? Get them all now! 


Pink Devon - IDR 249 000
Offwhite Devon - IDR 249 000
Lemon Devon - IDR 249 000