Thursday, February 12, 2015

#StyleFile: Sabila Anjani's Day-To-Day Look

An enthusiast of all things sweet, our lovely photographer Sabila Anjani, shares the ultimate hero pieces for her casual daytime look.

Describe your personal style in three words.
I'm all about minimal and feminine. 

Who's your fashion muse?
Olivia Palermo and Lauren Conrad.

Well, I think both looks elegantly comfortable in their own skins.

What are your ultimate go-to pieces?
A comfy sweater, jeans and flats.

Working in a fashion company makes you aware about the hippest trends, right?
Yeah, you could say so.

Do you follow the trend?
I would say that I'm pretty aware of the ongoing trends, but I always adapt trends that are suitable for me.

What trends are you adapting at the moment?
The pastels! I think the trend of subdued colors never really fades away.

What are you wearing right now?
I'm wearing COTTONINK's Sunshine Dress.

Which fashion item you can't live without?
My comfy sweaters.