Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Movie Night Guide

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Always the perfect time for watching romantic movies, right?

Valentine’s Day is an occasion that although not everyone celebrates, is something that one can’t avoid in our society. Especially this year’s! Not only does it fall on a weekend, it falls on a Saturday. Now, this may double the pressure for all of us. Whether we have a significant other or not, this year there is really no avoiding this day.

Well, if you’re anything like us, watching movies is something that will always be an enjoyable thing to do on the day. Take a look at our picks of movies to watch during Valentine’s Day!

1. Notting Hill
This one falls under the category of movies that one can watch with or without a date. It’s a fantasy boy-meets-girl story that we always love. Only the boy is a regular bookstore owner (Hugh Grant) and the girl is a Hollywood celebrity (Julia Roberts). Romance is in the air, and hilarity obviously ensues. 

2. Frances Ha
Starring indie film goddess Greta Gerwig, this one is best watched as a single girl. Instead of focusing on a relationship with a man, it looks at Frances’ (Gerwig) relationship with her best friend. Yes, this is one of those films that makes you take a good look at your own life!

3. Playing It Cool
This newly released movie stars the dreamy Chris Evans as a screenwriter that does not believe in love, but is ordered to write a romantic comedy movie script. And of course in the process of finding out what love is, he meets the girl of his dreams. Go figure.

4. Like Crazy
One of the best things about the movie is seeing actors that were only up and comers at in 2011 when the movie was released that have become huge stars right now. Starring Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin that play lovers that meet then separated on Felicity Jones’ trip to Los Angeles as an exchange student from the UK. Yes, it’s one of those romantic dramas that will tug on your heartstrings for days after watching it. 
Ps: Also stars young, pre-Katniss, and pre-Oscar Jennifer Lawrence!

5. High Fidelity
Now, this one is no ordinary romantic comedy. Maybe hinges more on the comedy side rather than the romantic, but a lovely one to watch nonetheless! John Cusack plays a record store owner and compulsive list maker, that through out the movie lists out his top five break ups; including the one that is still in progress. It’s a highly quotable movie with witty humor so it’s worth the watch!