Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Events that Ignited Your Favorite Apps

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Nowadays, as we live in the social media centric world, we can’t help but wonder how it all started with the social media that we use everyday. Every single thing in this world has a story to tell; including these multi-billion dollar companies that were definitely did not become what they are today overnight. One might be curious as to the events that sparked the creation of these incredible innovations. Scroll through to see what it was that prompted our favorite apps!

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1. Instagram
Instagram is definitely a game-changing app that has transformed the way society look at a single picture forever. Who would have thought that the initial idea for Instagram came from creator Kevin Systrom’s trip to Florence, Italy? During his junior year at Stanford University, Systrom had the opportunity to go on a study trip to Florence. Bringing his fancy pants SLR camera, his lecturer replaced it with a Holga camera that uses random light leaks that give beautiful vintage effects. As it turns out, he loved the aesthetics that the Holga camera produces, “It taught me the beauty of vintage photography and also the beauty of imperfection,” he told Forbes Magazine in 2012. A few years passed after that trip, together with his partner, Kevin decided to take develop a photo-sharing app that adopts the ability to add filters! Genius, right? And we couldn’t be more thankful!

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2. Pinterest
Collecting things is so much more fun than ever before and we think that you might need to know the story that started Pinterest - which is a little bit more unpredictable than others, as it turns out. "I really liked insects," Ben Silbermann says about the first idea that prompted him to create Pinterest. Apparently, Ben liked insects so much - all kinds of them - that he used to catch them and dry them, to then pin them on to a shadow box. His fascination with collecting things and the thought that a person’s collection shows so much about that person, is what prompted him to create Pinterest, as there hasn’t been anything like that on the web before, and he wanted to make something that would make it easier for people to collecting things on the web. Brilliant!

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3. Twitter
With hundreds of millions  of users around the world, Twitter is definitely one of the top social media apps that is being used every single day. Even after all these years, and the presence of many other social media outlets, Twitter still sits pretty on top! It would be quite a surprise to know that the idea of the micro-blogging app was started with co-founder Jack Dorsey’s obsession with police scanners throughout his childhood. Dorsey didn’t like to play outside with his friends, he preferred to stay indoors and listen to police scanners, and was fascinated with short messages of things that people are doing, and where they are. Little did he know, his obsession would turn him into a billionaire years later!

© AirBnb
4. AirBnb
Whoever says that nowadays is impossibly expensive to travel, has probably never heard of AirBnb; the brilliant website that allows people - really, anyone - to rent their place for tourists to stay at a way more affordable price that even the cheapest hotels. It’s a happy coincidence, as they say. While San Francisco entrepreneurs Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky were looking for ideas of the next big thing, they had lost of ideas, but not enough money for rent. When a local design conference had the city fully booked, Joe and Brian decided to rent three air-beds on their living room floor to help them make the rent payment. After the guests stay for 6 days and paid $80 for each night, they realized they were on to something big.