Monday, September 15, 2014

Where to Eat in Bali

 Maybe you're an avid follower of our two recent favorite hashtags on Instagram #cottoninkholiday #cottoninkgetaway; or maybe you're not. For us, every once in a while, a good vacation is sort of an obligatory, don't you agree?

Munch, munch! Forget your diet and pamper your palate for a little while. From breakfast to dinner, we  got what you need: a curated list of great culinary spots in Bali

Ready, set, go!

1. But first, coffee.
It's 8 in the morning; it's just the best time to enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine in Bali. After getting ready and putting on some sunscreen, we know the first thing that comes into your mind is nothing but coffee. Nestled in the Seminyak area is our new favorite coffee place: Revolver Espresso. The interior is dominantly furnished with wooden materials, creating a warm and homey feeling while enjoying a decent cup of joe.

What to order: 
Instagram @revolverespresso
2. Sisterfields
If your hotel breakfast wasn't that good, consider paying a visit to Sisterfields - a place for all day day breakfast/brunch menu that includes fresh pastries, salads and sandwiches.

What to order:
Egg Benedict
Instagram @sisterfields
3. Monsieur Spoon
Cafe-hopping doesn't stop there. It's time for some snacks/desserts. If you did have your brunch at Sisterfields earlier, you might've spotted Monsieur Spoon. From croissant to eclair, indulge your palate with a selection of classic french patisserie.

What to order:
Coffee Mousse
© Monsieur Spoon
4. El Kabron
When in Bali, viewing a beautiful scenery of sunset is always a good idea, especially at El Kabron. Moving a bit up to the cliffs of Uluwatu, enjoy a selection of Spanish finest cuisines in a modern Mediterranean decor.

What to order:
Classic Sangria
Instagram @elkabronbali