Thursday, September 11, 2014

3 Ways to Wear Your Statement Sweater and Tee

It's Wifey! It's Holy Chic! Yes, we're never out of statement because we always say out loud what we want to say. Wearing statement tees or sweaters would be great, only if you know the right way to style it up. 

A little bit of fashion tips, TOMS slip-ons look really sophisticated with our statement pieces. Keep scrolling for styling ideas. Don't forget to follow our Instagram @cottonink and @tomsidofficial.

Statement Clutch
Pulling off a feminine flair with a touch of minimalism isn't as hard as you think it is. TOMS floral-patterned canvas slip-on would look smart with Holy Chic Sweater, only if you bring your statement clutch with you.

Ripped Denim Shorts
It's not weekend yet, but making a plan for what you're going to wear this Saturday is always a good idea. Ripped denim shorts and TOMS classic canvas slip-on should be good compliments for Les Weekends Statement Tee, no?

Casual Bag
As much as you're obsessed with Lips Are Sealed Sweater, your daily style won't be complete without the company of a casual bag: Mini Offwhite Istanbul. To finish the look, put on your favorite shades and TOMS black canvas slip-on.