Friday, August 8, 2014

White is the New Black

Yes, we all know that black is that one color which could define your monochromatic style, but have you tried this season's huge infatuation? It's none other than... white. As a resemblance of purity, one thing that you've got to know is that white color never goes wrong for any occasions. What's more, we are currently in love with wearing white on white, because why not? 

Adding a tone of red or light blue to your white clothes won't ruin your fashion virtue. On the other hand, it blends in with the whole styling and performs as a bold statement. Today, Maroon Ava seems to have a deep fondness towards Coco Top, don't you think?

Find your inner edginess. Putting on your black and white high heels is just the perfect styling alternative, it highlights your sophistication to a whole new level. And one more thing, never ever go out of the house without your shades.

So, are you up for white on white?