Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Outerwear of The Week: Mercer Outer!

Leather sleeves? Yes, please! 

Even though summertime is practically here, we cannot forget the fact that being in Jakarta, we can't always predict the kind of weather we are going to be in. It'll be sunny one minute, and then raining heavily the next. Those are the reasons why we cannot yet forgo our outerwear as it would come in handy some time! 

OK, so this week, we are totally excited to present to you our favorite creation of outerwear that we've had for a long time. Meet Mercer, the leather-sleeved outer straight out of this week's collection 'Noir et Blanc'. Made out of the cool grey and black knitted fabric, it has got an attached leather sleeves that totally takes it to the next level of coolness. Perfect to enrich your monochrome looks!

Pictured above, the Mercer outer worn by our very own Web Content Manager Elisa Kuswari!

Mercer - IDR 279 000