Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our Favorite Bags EVER: Mini Istanbul!

 Which one is your faves? Black? Navy? Gold? or Red? We want them all!

These wondrous Mini Istanbuls are back in our lives, and we cannot be happier for it! Functional yet stylish; those are the words that may come to mind when describing the Mini Istanbul bag. With its diamond shape, the mini bag could hold your most prized possessions; such as your wallet, lipstick, mascara, small mirror, and your smartphone! 

Coming to you in varieties of colors such as Black, Navy Blue, Gold, and Red; the bag could be used in many different occasions. The red one is perfect for a cozy day out during the weekends, the black and blue one is an ideal choice for a night out on the town, and the gold one can be the perfect accessory to wear to a night-time wedding! 

Wouldn't you agree? 

See below for our favorite #youxcottonink wearing the Mini Istanbul bags!  

Instagram @sonyasams

Instagram @mrsfedss
Instagram @nadyaesmeralda

Mini Navy Istanbul IDR 269 000

Mini Black Istanbul IDR 269 000

Mini Gold Istanbul IDR 269 000

Mini Red Istanbul IDR 269 000