Friday, May 8, 2015


Calling all passionate and creative young individuals out there!

COTTONINK is always looking to meet more creative and young individuals who want to be immersed in this wonderful world of fashion and retail business! For our impending internship program, we are looking for hard working and enthusiastic people who want to gain as much knowledge as possible from us and eager to put their creative spirits to work! What do you say to joining our three-month internship program? 

As an intern, you will obviously be exposed to the many different facets that make up COTTONINK as a brand. You will be able to work alongside our marketing team, graphic design team, fashion design team, and more. You will not only be able to get a firsthand experience in what makes COTTONINK what we are right now, you will also get to see what we do every day to put together what our lovely customers await for every Monday on our webstore, and how we are able to keep all this up through all this time! (hint: it's all about team work!)

 During the course of the internship program, every intern will have their own special project in their respective areas, which will be assessed by the end of their internship program. At the end of it, if all is well and good, you will get a recommendation letter from the COTTONINK duo as the cherry on top of your amazing three-month experience in the world of COTTONINK! 

Let's break down how YOU can be a part of #COTTONINKINTERNS: 

1. Must be a student in a well-known university seeking for an internship opportunity
2. Must be located in Jakarta and is able to work in Jakarta Selatan and Pusat (our offices are located in the Kemang area and Harmoni area) 
3. Possess strong language skills (both in Bahasa Indonesia and English) 
4. Has a keen interest and passion in the world of fashion and retail 
5. Knowledgeable in different aspects of fashion
6. Has an eagerness to learn
7. Creative mind and dynamic spirit with a good sense of humor is always a plus! 

The internships are going to be in the following areas: 

1. Production
2. Shipping
3. Accounting
4. Marketing & Sales
5. Marketing & PR
6. Fashion Design & Styling
7. Graphic Design 
8. Visual Merchandiser for Web 
9. Visual Merchandiser for Store
10. Editorial & Content Writing
11.  Customer Service

So, think you're up for the challenge? Send us your CV and portfolio (for graphic design and editorial interns) to to be a a part of our #COTTONINKTEAM now!