Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Steps to Jazz Up Your Monday!

The best cure for a Monday blues are pretty nails!
We get that Mondays can be dull. But only if we let it! Believe it or not, it has been proven that pretty nails can boost up your mood and make you feel better, which in return will make you feel more energized to go about your day! 

Step 1
Look at your nails, and see what can be improved

Step 2
Most of the time, we'll always need a little touch up! A little manicure may be in the cards, but who has time to actually go to a nail salon? 

Step 3
Tutu Nail to the rescue! 

Step 4
We are forever thanking the powers above for the invention of nail stickers. Especially Tutu Nail! Now all we have to do is pick one of the cute varieties of nail stickers to put on.

Step 5
 Once you've found one that your heart desires, stick it on your nails, and tidy it up with a nail buffer! So. Very. Simple.