Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How To Make Your House A Home

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They say that ‘home is where the heart is’; but it’s certainly not uncommon that many people don’t feel as comfortable and happy in their own home, which should be their place of sanctuary. To achieve one’s dream house is definitely a goal to aspire toward; because what is the use of working hard all day, if at the end of the day we couldn’t feel relaxed in our own home, right? Even so, having a dream home is not the only thing that could be done to be happy in your own home. We have narrowed down a bundle of small improvisations that can be done within you home with minimum cost that will make your life instantly better!

There is nothing easier and more affordable to do to improve your home other than to clean! Sure, it’s not as fun as taking a nap, but doing a deep clean every once in a while will defintely make your home feel better! The key is to do with alongside your loved ones; you will get to spend valuable time with them, and it won’t even feel like cleaning!

Make your bed
Making your bed every morning might not be something that many people would gladly do. Especially when we have to rush to our daily routines- it’s just not something that is on our top priority. Actually, according to Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling book The Happiness Project, the daily bed-making was “the number one most impactful change that people brought up over and over” as she researched her book on inspiring happiness. Developing this habit is said to be a keystone for other good habits that will help you live a better life every day!

Fix things that are broken
There’s always something at the house that needs fixing. The jammed drawer, the broken step on the stairs, and the list goes on. Take an inventory of things that are broken in your home, and fix them! Eliminating those small disturbance will certainly improve the way you feel in your home.

Other than doing a deep clean, it’s not a bad idea to organise your home. Start small by organising your closet, then your bedroom, etc. Remember: baby steps is better than nothing!

Display photographs of family and friends
Put up pictures of your loved ones and remind yourself of people you love and great experiences you’ve had by displaying photographs around your home. It’s an instant dose of happiness every day!

Remove or store things that are painful to you
Holding on to negative energy is never good. It will do us a lot of good to remove things that are no longer useful to us or the things that only remind us of bad memories. From pictures of an ex to a table with crooked edge that keeps giving you scratches on the arm; just reflect and eliminate.

Build a library
Reading educates you, inspires you, and transports you to calming and exciting fictive places. No need for expensive bookcases - just a small corner in your home to organize your books at will definitely do. Make reading a habit and it will improve your mood!

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