Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Your Helpful Guide To #cottoninksizes

Everyone is unique and different, and we love that! 

As we always say, we believe in the fact that each and every one our customers are unique and different. We love that about all of you! Which is why we have listened to what you have all been wanting all this time- to have our clothes come in different sizes! 

As we now have come out with sizes S, M, and L for our clothes, we are finding that some people are quite confused. Maybe you're asking yourself, 'Wait, so what size are the clothes I've been buying all this time?!' Well, let's hear us out;

The explanation is pretty simple, but let's put it in a step-by-step, shall we: 

1. Let's start with how most of our clothes have always been all size
2. If you feel like our all size is too big for you, you shall choose size S
3. But, if you feel that our all size is too small for you... oh hey! Let's go with size L! 
4. Now, if you feel like the usual all size has worked perfectly for you so far, you can just go with the size M!
5. Last but not least, if you're a COTTONINK first-timer, (it's okay, better late than never! :p) head on to our webstore and see the size guide on every article to see the exact measurements!

See how we said it was simple? 

Because YOU are the inspiration to everything we do and we want to celebrate your unique selves!