Monday, April 27, 2015

We Love:!

Nothing like a good nail art to cure the Monday blues!

Being able to get our nails done in pretty colors is definitely one of the best perks of being a girl. Getting dolled up with pretty nails is something that absolutely boosts up our moods, wouldn't you agree? You see, what we love about being in this time right now is that we don't really have to spend hours upon hours anymore at the nail salon. Have you heard about nail art stickers? Because to put it mildly, we are pretty obsessed! 

Especially with the ones that come in different colors and motives as we love to change up our looks from time to time! Which is we why would like to introduce you all to our favorite nail art sticker right now from Nail.Me! Not only does it have many different variations to choose from, it's super easy to apply, too. Just select the perfect size that fits your selected finger, peel the nail sticker from the sheet, position on your fingernail and smooth out the edges, and use nail buffer to tear away the excess! Super simple, right?!

Want to get your own? Check out these super adorable nail art stickers from their Instagram page!