Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Treat: The Grand Budapest Hotel's Famed Pastry

© Youtube
Pastry to sweeten your already sweet Friday, anyone?

The weekend is coming! It's a joyous time to try and do different things other than the things that we do on a daily basis. Baking could probably be one of those new things to try. 

Wes Anderson's movie The Grand Budapest Hotel won big during awards season this year. With Golden Globes and Oscars won in various categories, this lovely albeit super quirky movie brings us to an era where all things seem like a daydream. One thing that we loved the most about the movie other than its lovely soft and warm pastel hues through out the movie, is the scrumptious and delicate Courtesan Au Chocolat pastry. 

Well, this video below from the folks behind the movie, displays a step-by-step instruction on how to make that fancy pants dessert from its famed bakery Mendl's. Watching this video alone makes us want to head to the nearest market so we can learn how to make us some of these! Or.. head to the nearest bakery! :p