Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#StyleFile: Rully's Ultimate Day-To-Day Look

Achieving a stylish look is a piece of cake, but to put a sense of effortlessness to it is another story. Meet our graphic designer Rully Ariyashari - a devotee of all things casual.

Describe your personal style in three words.
I'm always confused when asked about my personal style.

That's more than three words. Come on, just three.
Casual, comfy and simple.

Who's your fashion muse?
Kiko Mizuhara and Zoe Suen.

What are your ultimate go-to pieces?
Print tee, cardigan, jeans and sneakers.

Working in a fashion company makes you aware about the hippest trends, right?

Do you follow the trend?
I could say so. But I only follow some that are easily adaptable.

What trends are you adapting at the moment?
The semi-crop tops and pleated skirts. And oh, my sleek bob haircut. Wait, does that count?

You're wearing Lorraine Top, right? How do you like it?
Actually, I'm not a huge fan of stripes, but I always end up buying more and more stripes. I don't know, I think the pattern is the most wearable one if compared to other patterns. As for Lorraine, the cotton material is really comfy for a casual day-to-day look.

Which fashion item you can't live without?
My favorite pair of jeans.