Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Monday: Broke With Expensive Taste

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"What you gon' do when I appear?"

Azealia Banks has always been known to many as that one artist that just does not conform to what society tells her to be. She tends to march to the beats of her own drum, and we can’t help but fall for her voice and the stories she tells. With her international success, it still isn’t a smooth road to stardom for the Harlem, New York native that started in 2012.

Many of us were lucky enough to watch her perform live in Jakarta during the We The Fest music festival last August, which was a blast - if we do say so ourselves. Even the journey of launching this new album was not an easy one. Announced with a simple tweet, Azealia comes out with her new album, called ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’. The title itself is something we can all relate to, at this day and age, with all the wants and needs in the world but armed with limited funds.

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With catchy and dance-y rap songs such as ‘Chasing Time’ and ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’, Azealia sure has us dancing along to this new record. Hopefully this will cheer up your gloomy Monday!