Monday, October 13, 2014

The Five Golden Rules of #OOTD

Ever wonder how those stylish fashion bloggers manage to do perfect #OOTD shots everyday? With these five simple steps, explore your style and master your #OOTD pictures!

1. A good quality camera
You don't need those fancy DSLR cameras for taking a perfect #OOTD shot, 'cause like we all know, your smartphone cameras have high megapixels that would definitely make it easier for you to capture great pictures.

2. Know your pose
Before getting to the right pose, what you need to know is the right angle. Practice makes perfect, so don't rush. Take your time to explore your signature pose because at the end of the day, it's your features and the outfits you're wearing are the ones that should be at the center stage.

3. Display your style character
Be yourself! There's nothing you can do other than showing your own unique character, no?

4. Perfect lighting
Make sure to hinder overexposure from direct sunlight for outdoors or grainy lighting for indoors. Always aim for the natural light.

5. Use photo editing apps
Either you're a Snapseed or vscocam fan, it's about how you put your time and effort into editing your photo. Adjust the contrast or use good filters if needed, as long as the end result will showcase your styling feature.

So, whenever you're posting your #OOTD pictures on Instagram, don't forget to mention us @cottonink and put the hashtag #youxcottonink. We're beyond excited to see your fashion flair!