Thursday, October 23, 2014

#NXMiniStylefie: The Photoshoot

The #NXMiniStylefie contest that we held along with Samsung and Air France already has its winners. Read more after the jump.

Chrisnawati Novia and Agnes Haryono were the lucky ones to be granted with a trip to Singapore with Air France and 500K COTTONINK Gift Voucher. More than just strolling down the famous Orchard Road - being COTTONINK’s girls of the month, these lovely girls also did some #ootd photoshoots at Henderson Waves Bridge, Haji Lane and Clark Quay as a preview for COTTONINK’s upcoming collection. Nevertheless, the competition wasn’t over yet at the moment. Both Chrisnawati and Agnes had to post their #ootd photos on their Instagram, because the one with more “likes” would win a Samsung NX Mini Camera. It was such a well-spent weekend!

The best things about winning this contest are...
Agnes: The best thing is that we got the chance to be the first to wear COTTONINK’s latest arrivals. It was unforgettable. Cotton Ink’s new collection is adorable!
Chrisnawati: Being able to do some photoshoots for COTTONINK in Singapore is such an amazing moment for us! I was so thrilled to visit the places I had never been to, such as Handerson Waves Bridge and Haji Lane.

Our stay in Singapore was...
Agnes: Exciting!
Chrisnawati: Fun and awesome!

We went to...
Chrisnawati: Handerson Waves Bridge, Haji Lane and Clark Quay.
Agnes: We did the photoshoots at those places.

The memorable experiences we had in Singapore were...
Agnes: We both didn’t know each other beforehand, so doing this photoshoot was a bit awkward at first (laughs). But then it went well and we had so much fun throughout the photoshoot, so no biggie.
Chrisnawati: We had to take #ootd photos of 5 looks, so we needed to change our clothes for several times. People stared at us during the photoshoot (laughs). We also had to deal with the not-so-cozy weather. It was really hot and we couldn’t help but sweat. But still, it was a total fun!

The good things about Singapore are...
Chrisnawati: Its tidiness and cleanliness. Everything is available, flexible and well-organized.
Agnes: Singaporean food, goodies, places and fashion!

Photographs by Gesit Wisnu Prakoso
Styling by Elisa Kuswari
Text by Arini Satyandita