Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will You Give Honey & Lemon A Shot?

© Alodita
In these past few months, you might've found numerous Instagram posts with hashtag #honeylemonshot. What is a honey-lemon shot and what makes it so special? Check out the simple step-by-step recipe after the jump.

Kudos to professional photographer/blogger Andra Alodita for the hype; it's been more than a year since she consumed honey-lemon shot and shared it on the social media platform. More than just a simple recipe and benefits, she also shared the story behind it - how she initially started to make it a part of her daily routine.

It is true that honey-lemon shot is one of the ways to live a healthy lifestyle. What you might don't know yet, honey-lemon shot has plenty of benefits to your body, and since lemon is very rich in vitamin C, it strengthens your immune system and functions as a natural medicine for cough, flu, and even body aches. Furthermore, it helps you getting healthier and glowing skin, maintaining (and even losing) your weight and detoxing your body.

© Alodita
For 1 person:
Half lemon
1 tablespoon raw/organic honey

Prepare a shot glass or a mini glass, pour about one tablespoon of honey (or however sweet you want it to be). Squeeze half lemon juice and add to it. Mix them thoroughly and voilà!

Drink one honey-lemon shot as your morning routine, about half an hour before breakfast. Start to eat healthy and clean for an extraordinary result.

So, ready for a healthier life? Let’s give it a shot!

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