Wednesday, September 17, 2014

7 Healthy Foodies to Follow on Instagram

The healthy food kick is something that a lot of people nowadays seem to be enjoying. Many new ways of eating; such as raw food, vegan, and clean eating have shown up, and more and more people are coming up with ideas to make delicious food that are healthy and nutritious. Combining the healthy food trend with the social media centric world that we now live in, many people have created Instagram pages dedicated to show off their love of food and being healthy to the rest of the world; and we have picked some of the best ones for you to follow and get inspired from.

A team of husband and wife who loves to live a healthy life conceived this account, along with the blog What we love about this account is that they have no rules! No restrictions as to what they could and couldn’t eat, they just document their food journey, in a way that appreciates their bodies.
Instagram @thewholefooddiary
A young mother named Sara Forte brings this cute account to life by posting pictures of daily meals that are mostly vegetarian, but puts more of an emphasis on clean eating and making the most use of seasonal produce. With the help of her talented photographer husband, she has not only an Instagram account, but also a blog and a cookbook!
Instagram @sproutedkitchen
This particular blonde started living the raw and vegan lifestyle after getting inspired by a supermodel that lives a healthy life. We just love scrolling down her page and looking at the beautiful and colorful photos of vegetables!
Instagram @rawveganblonde
An NYC girl who promotes being vegan and clean eating through her blog and Instagram account. So much fun to look at her daily meals that she documents in such a way that makes your really try clean eating!
Instagram @cleanfooddirtycity
A twenty-year-old girl from the UK whose mantra for life is living gluten-free, dairy-free, and carefree, which pretty much sums up her whole feed of sharing her daily creations of yummy gluten free and dairy free dishes.
Instagram @naturalnomad
It is kind of hard to believe that the creator of this Instagram account (and not to mention a Tumblr blog), is only 18 years old! Looking over her creations just makes you want to try making every single one on your own.
Instagram @clairesdeli
Delicious and tasty looking vegan and raw dishes documented beautifully. What more can we say? Check it out and feast your eyes!
Instagram @run_wilde

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