Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where To Go: Istanbul, Turkey

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If you have read Dan Brown’s Inferno, then you may know a little bit of Istanbul’s beauty as the book is like a travel map for those of you who haven’t been there. In the book, Robert Langdon takes us to the landmark Hagia Sophia, Istanbul to visit the tomb of Enrico Dandolo. Besides that, Langdon also mentions that Istanbul is a beautiful city. Well, Robert Langdon is not the only one who is able to take you to a virtual trip to Istanbul. This time, Cotton Ink’s Creative Director, Carline Darjanto, will take you to the most exotic travelling journey in Istanbul! Tell us what you expect to read: Turkish cuisine review? A list of Istanbul landmark? Just keep an eye for the next part of #cottoninkholiday to Istanbul. Stay tuned on our Instagram @cottonink for the upcoming trip! 

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