Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Day With: Lizzie Parra

Make up is a part of every woman's life. It helps us hides our flaws whenever we want to. But to this professional make up artist/blogger, make up is not only a little part of her life, it's her weapon. Today, the beauty blogger of lizzieparra.com shared stories about her career, favorite music and dreams.

I'm always wondering, since makeup artist loves to play with colours, are you also that kind of person who applies bold colours on your outfit?
No, my wardrobe is mostly filled with black. I do love to play colors on make up. But if it's for daily make up, I choose natural shades and then go bold on the lips.

Can you tell us what was your dream as a child?
Astronaut. Who didn't like planets as a child? But then I realized that physics was not an easy subject to learn, so I changed my mind. I wanted to be a marketer, but here I am now, a make up artist.

Tea or coffee?

Mention three of your favourite places to hang out in Jakarta.
At home with my husband. At the cinema—I love watching movies. It's like whenever there's a new movie released, I'll go straight to the cinema. I love doing movie marathon. Next is, going to the mountain because I like to go to a chilly and nice place. I'm not really a cafe and mall person. 

Can you tell us what song that always puts you in a good mood and why?
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons by Nat King Cole. I love oldies, besides it's also the song played on my wedding day.

What you'd like to do or have in the future?
I would like to have children, be happy and make passive income.

As make up is a part of your life, can you tell us what make up means to you? 
Make up is a weapon. It's like the steer to a driver, brush to a painter, camera to a photographer and make up to me. Make up is my survival weapon.