Friday, June 27, 2014

I Don't Hate Pharrell's Hats!

If we are being asked about what is Pharell William’s most notable song, we would definitely know the answer, it’s Happy. The video, choreographies, lyrics and the singer itself are all happy. But let’s not forget one thing that you always notice from Pharell besides his happiness. It’s his hat, yes. While you’ve seen a lot of rappers wear snapbacks and young boy singers wear beanies, Pharell is being one of a kind by wearing ‘mountain’ hats. As the hat is trending, Danielle Prescod, the Editor in Chief of US Elle, wouldn’t want to miss it. “I don’t hate it,” she said on Pharell’s appearance with his hat. Danielle even experimented the hats with three different colours for three different outfits and three different days. Now it’s crystal clear that a piece of statement hat can give you a whole different look.

All images by:
Katie Friedman