Thursday, July 16, 2015

Holidays Around the World

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With Hari Raya coming up, we took the liberty into digging up some holiday/festivals/traditions that are also celebrated each year. This time, we are going to list some unique ones that people actually celebrate all across the globe!

1. Diwali, Festival of Lights (India)
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This festival, usually celebrated every 13th day of October or November, is a day where Hindhus fill their houses and garden with clay oil lamps or candles. The use of burning candles and lamps are to celebrate the banished mythic hero Rama and Sita and welcomes the goddess of prosperity, named Lakshmi. The candles and lamps also symbolizes as a blessing for the year that has come and the years that will come.

2. Jonkonnu Festival (Jamaica)
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This festival or tradition initially started in the early 1700s in West Africa, and after some time slaves brought this festivities to the US and the Caribbean. Jonkonnu festival occurs usually around Christmas, and give the chance for people to sing, chant and dance to the beat of the drums through the town. It is also known that this festival symbolizes strength and pride.

3. La Tomatina (Spain)
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If you were ever involved in a food fight in the cafeteria, well this tradition is bigger than that. La Tomatina is similar, except this food fight occurs in a city of Brunol. Locals and tourist have the chance to throw locally grown tomatoes (which is provided and placed in large tractors filled up with red tomatoes) at each other on the last Wednesday of August. Talk about appreciating local goods in a creative way, right? This tradition that started around 1944-1945 and the start of this festival is still a wonder. Some believed is was to honor the town’s patron, others say it was an impulsive act after a tomato cart overturned.

4. Polkadots and Coins (Philippines)
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What does polkadots and coins have in common? Their shape. On this tradition, men and women in the Philippines share a wardrobe code, that is to wear polkadots prints and keep coins in their pockets. The men and women of Philippines also decorates their tables with food with the similar shape, which is round. So every food that’s round will keep the theme and tradition going. It is said to believe that circles and all things round epitomise future good luck and wealth.

5. Inti Raymi (Peru)
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Inti Raymi celebrates the blessings and power of Earth’s source of power, the Sun. Every June 24th, the people of Peru celebrate a ceremony of the Incan Sun. This ceremony consists of having a lucky man that is chosen to act as the emperor and is carried around on a golden throne. This man will be brought to an ancient fortress to ask for the sun’s blessings. To the Incan community, the sun’s god, Inti, plays a significant role as life’s creator, so the blessings are there to celebrate his return after every winter.