Thursday, July 9, 2015

All the Travel Essentials You Need

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The super exciting holiday trips are upon us!

Every year, Indonesia is known to have the anual “Mudik” or the days where you and your family travel to your hometown in time for Eid Mubarak. This holiday is the time of the year where you can meet with your relatives from back home and enjoy a feast and each others’ company.

Traveling to your home town takes up different duration, depending on where you’re going with the help of several transportation mode such as train, plane, ship/ferry, or the ultimate road trip by car. Any transportation mode you choose, when you travel a certain distance, there are a few essentials that you must bring with you to make the trip more enjoyable. 

Here is our checklist!

1. A map, GPS, or a travel apps

If you opt to travel by car, make you sure you have a map from the city you’re at to the city you’re visiting or any sort of GPS and travel apps ready in hand. You never know if you get lost or in need to search for a short cut around the city.

2. Snacks

Traveling for more than 3 hours can be pretty tiring. Pack your trip with some easy light bites for you and your companions. Make sure that your snacks are conveniently packed and requires no fuss eating them. You wouldn’t want to eat something that can easily cause stains on your outfit!

3. The good ol’ H20

Staying hydrated during your travel is a must. Traveling in a car, plane, train or any sort can expose you to continuous air conditioning and dry air. After just 2 hours of exposure to AC, your skin and hair can dry up easily! You wouldn’t want that, would you? Another thing is that sitting down for hours also requires your bodily fluid to function optimal and normally until you reach your destination. So, stay hydrated!

4. Pillows/Neck Cushion

Sitting in one position for hours can leave your neck and back in an aching result. To make you trip more comfy, bring a pillow or a neck cushion to add support to your sitting position. On top of that, sleeping while heading to your destination can be cosier!

5. Toiletries and Essentials

This part is very crucial. Toiletries and essentials such as hand wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, moisturizers, lip balm, paper bag, first aid kit and your emergency medicines; always come in handy when your dealing with a long journey. Everyone’s going to need them at one point, after eating, after going to the restroom, and other unexpected situations that you might face like allergy attack. Be prepared with your basic essentials, and hopefully your trip will be a bliss!

6. The right amount of clothes for your stay

Eid Mubarak holidays usually lasts for more than 3 days, especially when you’re going back to your home town – which can take up the entire week. Make sure you pack in the right amount of clothes and the appropriate clothes for the events you will be having. By making a list of your needs, you can travel not light, but smart. This way, you could avoid bringing that excess baggage that can complicate your travel.

7. Sufficient Cash

Bringing sufficient amount of cash is indeed vital for your trip. Not all restaurants, rest areas, and such can swipe your credit card, so be sure you bring cash that can be enough to buy a meal, water, gas (if you’re taking your car), and other necessities you might purchase in your journey. 

Most importantly, the thing that you must prepare for any long journey is your health! So be sure to get a good night’s rest and eat right before the long travel back to your home town! 

Have a safe trip!