Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Perfect Sunday Dessert: PUYO!

Something sweet for your Sunday! 

Soft, silky, and colorful are normally what describes these famous silky puddings. An array of colors to feast your eyes and different flavors to tingle your taste buds, Puyo Silky Desserts are popularly known for its assortments of silky and smooth drinks and puddings. Kicking off their business from an online account, it has now spread its sales by opening kiosk/outlets in Jakarta’s go-to malls.

With 12 variety of pudding flavors and 5 silky drinks, these soft dessert has become one of today’s young people favorite desserts. What differs it from regular pudding, is that when it’s shaken, it will not crack, hence the texture is similar between water and solids. The first spoonful of this silky pudding will make you addicted. It will melt straight away in your mouth, giving you a burst of flavors! The adorable pastel colors will also make you want to savor every last serving. Silky Green Tea, Silky Bubblegum, Silky Hazelnut, and Silky Chocolate are some of our picks!