Thursday, May 21, 2015

What To Buy This Week: Michaela Top!

The biggest trend of the season: the tied-up faux sleeves!

Well, when we see these faux sleeves being tied up in the front of a top, we felt like it would be something huge. And indeed it is! As it turns out, these tied-up bows are now can be seen on various runways around the world! So of course we wanted to get in on the trend; while adding our own twist to it, obviously. 

Let us introduce you to our favorite item this week: the Michaela top! Available in the color off white and navy, it is truly the piece of clothing that your closet needs right now! Made out of the airy and comfy cotton fabric, especially with its sleeveless-ness; your summer wardrobe would not be complete without this one! 

Navy Michaela is seen here worn by our founder and Brand & Marketing Director Ria Sarwono!
Our Creative Director also takes her Navy Michaela on her #cottoninkholiday to Paris!

Offwhite Michaela - IDR 249 000

Navy Michaela - IDR 249 000