Thursday, May 14, 2015

This Week's Top Pick: The Nisrina(s)!

So; Pink, Lemon, or Sky Blue? Which one are you?
The Nisrina Batik top is one of our most favorite Batik tops of all time and we are so glad that it is back in our lives again! Especially now that it comes in three sizes; Small, Medium, and Large (oh, we are forever grateful for #cottoninksizes!). Also, a new color has been added to the Nisrina family; so now we've got three colors of Nisrina available; Pink, Lemon, and Sky Blue. Although we agree that all three would look amazing on us, different colors have different sensibility! Different colors say different things about who wears them. 

If you choose PINK: 
You're definitely on the girly side. You like to be seen as the sweet girl from the bunch. You love your friends and family, and you like to take care of others! 

If you choose LEMON: 
You absolutely like to stand out! To carry the color well, you need to have a certain air of confidence about you. The lemon color makes you shine in a still subtle way. It definitely wouldn't be hard to spot you in a crowded room.

If you choose SKY BLUE:
You have the quiet personality that likes to blend in in a crowd. But still, you'll pull off this color like nobody's business!  


Pink Nisrina - IDR 279 000

Lemon Nisrina - IDR 279 000

Sky Blue Nisrina - IDR 279 000

Offwhite Tegan - IDR 299 000

Mini Navy Istanbul - IDR 269 000