Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Cheat-day: Say Hello To Our New Fave Dessert!

Sunday is nothing but a cheat day! 

Now, we all know that a girl's diet is a precious thing. But surely we deserve a good treat every once in a while! While we work hard all week, we deserve something delicious at the end of that hectic week. In our humble opinion, that is why the day was even created in the first place; Sundays are for cheat days! 

During the cheat day, we'd want to have something that would be worth every single calorie we put in our bodies, right? Well this one is definitely it! Let us introduce you our current dessert obsession: ice cream sandwiches from Rakun Kitchen x Hubble Scoop! Rakun Kitchen sells cookies that are pretty much one of the best cookies we've ever had, and Hubble Scoop provides the softest and creamiest homemade ice cream ever! Together they've concocted delicious ice cream sandwiches that are cookies-based and filled with delicate ice cream of various flavors and topped with sprinkles! 

Our favorite happened to be the combination of the intense flavor of Hubble Scoop's chocolate ice cream with the sweet and chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. The bitterness of the chocolate is balanced perfectly by the sweetness of the cookies. That honestly cannot get any better for a cheat snack! 

Get your orders in now at their Instagram pages @rakunkitchen and @hubblescoop now!