Monday, May 25, 2015

Music Monday: 'Delilah' by Florence + The Machine

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It has indeed been a while since we've heard from this quirky lady!

Ever since we heard her song 'Dog Days Are Over' a few years back, we've always been a fan of her. With her sultry yet powerful voice, and her eclectic and somewhat ethereal sounds in her musicality, Florence + The Machine made it big with her original sound. Her sophomore album out in 2011 also did not disappoint; the song 'Shake It Out' does still play in our heads and on our music players sometimes. 

After taking a well-deserved break for a couple of years, we've certainly missed new music from her. Which is why we got super stoked when we found out that she was coming out with a new album this year! 'Delilah' is one of the songs that she has put out from her upcoming album 'How Big How Blue How Beautiful' out June 2nd! 

Go ahead and have a listen to 'Delilah' below!