Saturday, April 18, 2015

#SaturdayReads: Eleanor & Park

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Nothing feels better that curling up with a good book on a Saturday, don't you think? 

And when we say it's a good book, it would be quite the understatement. Because it is more than good, it's more than great, it's probably one of the best books that we've ever read. We're not alone, too! The book has been named one of the year's best book by acclaimed critics, such as The New York Times, Goodreads, Booklist, and so much more. 

Let us take this moment to introduce to you, the book that has gotten many of us here at COTTONINK HQ in many different stages of tears. Happy and sad tears, amongst them. The book is called 'Eleanor & Park', a young adult novel written by Rainbow Rowell published in 2013. Without giving too much away, 'Eleanor & Park' tells a story about two fifteen-year-olds living in Omaha, Nebraska; in the year 1986. 

Eleanor, a red-headed and full-figured girl; and Park a half-Korean and half-white boy. The book tells the story about the two misfits figuring out their way through their adolescent years while literally and figuratively holding each other's hands. Eleanor and Park's story started when they meet for the first time in the school bus on their first day of school, and as they bond through their love for comic books and mix tapes of 80's rock music, a wishful love story was started. 

Trust us, the book brings us back to our own adolescent years. In a great way! :)