Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mid-Week Wanderlust: Fiji Islands

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To cure your mid-week blues, we present to you the next place to add to your bucket list! 
In this sunny Wednesday, our wanderlusting (yes, we know that's not a word; but give us a break! :p) minds can't help but be taken to the summer holidays that are upon us. We know we're still in April, but a little planning ahead can't hurt, right?

Today, we would like to take you to our next dream destination; pretty much the most perfect place to spend your summer holidays- Fiji Islands! Just a little bit outside of New Zealand, Fiji Islands pack a lot of culture and history wrapped in such a beautiful view. 

See below to see the places to visit in Fiji; besides spending your time lying on the beach and soaking up the sun that is! 

1. Fiji Museum 
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During island vacations, going to a museum is probably not necessarily at the top of the list- but this one is a must-see! Not only does Fiji have amazing views to see, but it's also rich in culture and history! 

2. Navala Village
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Navala Village is an original Fijian village in which you could find out a lot more of the indigenous Fijian culture. Stay in one of the locals' traditional houses and take in the gorgeous mountain view! 

3. Rivers Fiji Pacific Harbour Coast
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If there's any tour you should take, it's probably this one! Beautiful scenery with guides that just love to share their culture and are genuinely enthusiastic about guiding the curious tourists!