Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This Week's Obsession: All Grey Everything!

The color grey is coming back in a major way. 

It used to be that the color grey is that one color that nearly everyone avoids. In any occasion, it's always too boring and dull to wear. In recent months, though, all of that has completely changed. Thanks to a certain world-wide phenomenon, what used to be the mundane color grey, is making a come back. And in a pretty big way, we must add. 

We here at COTTONINK, just so happen to love the color. The key to be able to put a grey twist in your daily outfits, is to mix and match it with other exciting pieces that will make the color pop and more alive. 

See our favorite Greys below! 

Audrina Sweater  IDR 279 000
Grey Duffy IDR 279 000
Grey Jolene IDR 359 000
Grey Bowery IDR 279 000