Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sweater of the Week: The Levy Sweater!

In life, one could never have too many greys and blacks. #cottoninkquotes

Who says wearing greys and blacks makes you look dull and boring? In the grand scheme of things, the greys and the blacks are the colors that every girl needs to have in order to balance out their wardrobes, wouldn't you agree? 

Jazzing up the color with pops of colors here and there is one of the things that could be done so that the so-called mundane color could also POP! Well, this brings us to our favorite sweaters of this week! The Levy Sweater is available in both black and grey, and is that one closet staple that we all need in our lives. We love how it's SO versatile! Which ever way you style it; whether it be with your favorite skinny jeans or with your girly girl skirt; it always looks good. 

Grab yours now before we run out only at cottonink.co.id


Black Levy IDR 279 000

Grey Levy IDR 279 000

Harley Pants IDR 359 000

Mini Black Istanbul IDR 269 000

Mini Red Istanbul IDR 269 000