Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Treat: The Best Rainy Day Hide-Outs!

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In these months of March, when the weather is not quite as predictable as you'd like, every time you'd want to go anywhere, it's always a guessing game. Especially living in a city like Jakarta, you can't really be sure with your plans, as it could be sunny one minute, and rain heavily the next. There's one thing we're sure of, though; we definitely would not want to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time! Particularly when that place involves terrible traffic.

So, where shall we go this weekend? Scroll below to see where you might find us getting comfy in these coming rainy days! 

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Even though eating healthy food isn't always what we opt for every day, every now and again it's fun to try eating foods that actually does good things to our bodies; instead of destroying it! Burgreens Eatery in the Bintaro area might be the place to start! We had no idea that simple burgers could be healthy. Apart from the cozy ambiance that feels like you're hanging out at a buddy's home, we can't help but love the tasty servings of healthy vegan selections. Give the place a try and thank us later! 

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The streets of Kemang could be a fickle one to tackle. Especially when it rains! Well, Kemangkok might be the place to pull over to when you're fed up with the endless traffic. Instead of dwelling in the madness, you can indulge in some tasty bowls of ramen noodles! Located in a quaint yet cozy corner in the street of Kemang, we'd recommend the Wagyu Ramen to try during a rainy day! Hot and soupy with authentic flavors. What more could you ask for? 

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One of our most favorite childhood memories is those Sunday morning breakfasts with our families that usually contains hot and steamy dumplings in classical Chinese restaurants. These days, dim sums are considered more accessible, with many dim sum restaurants popping up everywhere, serving dim sums around the clock. Dim Sum Inc is one of our favorite ones! Can you just imagine a cozy bowl of chicken porridge while it's raining in the background? Perfection. 

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Finding a wood fire pizza in Jakarta is not such an easy feat. So we were super glad when we found this little pizza place tucked delightfully in the streets of Kemang. Small yet comfortable, is the sense that we got when entering the pizzeria. And what a delight to see that coveted wood fire oven in the corner of the restaurant's open kitchen. Easily one of the best pizzas we've ever had in this town! 

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Now this place is pretty unassuming when you see it from the front. Entering it, it makes you feel like you've been transported to a noodle house in South Korea with the homey ambiance and an all-Korean menu. Our favorite pick from the spot to comfort you on these rainy days is the Jjampong! A (super) large bowl of noodles filled with an array of seafoods from scallops to mussels, to squids and prawns. We cannot even describe how perfectly delicious and authentic the slightly spicy broth is. You'd just need to try it yourself!