Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fashion Fix: Weekend Outfit Ideas!

 Sunday is definitely our favorite day of the week! 

Oh Sundays... The day that we all wait for all week! It is the day that makes all the things we go through all week worth it. It's the day where we get the time to spend with our families, friends, and even ourselves! Sure enough, there has not been enough of those through out the week. 

When it comes to the outfits we wear on this day, though, it isn't always an easy feat. You'll always want to feel comfortable but still keep your style and swagger that you wear oh-so-well through the week. Which is why we've come up with some outfit ideas that you could work with! 

Scroll down below to see our picks of outfit ideas to wear on this lovely Sunday! 


March On IDR 199 000

Parisienne Tee IDR 199 000

Manson Tanktop IDR 179 000

Bad News Sweater IDR 249 000

Kurt Cobain Sweater IDR 249 000