Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Five Places for A Fun Afternoon Tea

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Grab your best girls for a proper afternoon high tea to bring out the lady in you! 

Experiencing a proper afternoon high tea is something crucial for every lady in who are in their 20’s. It’s a delightful activity that all ladies should be able to indulge in every once in a while. Being in Jakarta, there are many places that would offer that proper teatime activity to spend with your best girlfriends over good conversations. These are the five that we have come up with!

1.  St. Germain by Cacaoté 
A sister project by the peeps behind Cacaoté restaurant in Senopati, this quaint café located in Grand Indonesia is an ideal place to spend your afternoon tea at. With a vast selection of desserts with adequate choices of coffee and teas, it’s definitely one to try with your girlfriends!
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2. Bradley’s Tea House 
Briskly tucked away in the busy street of Senopati, Bradley’s Tea House specializes on perfecting your afternoon teatime, and will make you feel like no less than a British royalty!
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3. TWG Tea Salon & Boutique 
Located in two of the most exclusive malls in Jakarta, Plaza Senayan and Pacific Place, TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is the quintessential place for an afternoon high tea! With a very wide array of tea selections that you can’t get enough of, their selections of mini sweets to munch on, this place is certainly the one place to go to relax at after a long a day at work!
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4. The Tea Lounge at The Dharmawangsa Hotel 
We all know that The Dharmawangsa Hotel is known for being the epitome of Indonesian elegance and tradition. Walking in to it, doesn’t even feel like you are walking in to a hotel, and rather feels like you’re walking in to a huge, marvelous mansion owned by a Javanese royalty. The afternoon tea in this place, of course, offers a selection of both Indonesian and International pastries selection. This one is certainly not one to be missed!
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5. Pand’Or 
Having been around for 20+ years now, Pand’Or in Wijaya, South Jakarta, is the place to go to for an exclusive experience of an afternoon tea. Not only is it famous with their selection of sweets, but it’s also well-known for the savory selections from delicious croquettes to mini quiches and sausage rolls that tastes as deliciously comforting as a hug from your Grandmother.
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