Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Treat: When Food and City Landmarks Collide

© BrunchCity
Tokyo has its sushi, and Brussels have waffles!

Every city and country in the world always has its signature food. There is a certain relationship between a city and its most significant meal. Some meals symbolize what the city itself is all about, and an experience in that particular city will definitely not be enough without having that signature meal.

That idea is what perpetuated illustrator Bea Crespo and photographer Andrea G. Portoles to do a collaboration in which they make a photo-illustration project titled “BrunchCity”; that features miniature landscapes of famous cities around the world popping up on the different kinds of foods that are iconic of the cities.

Combining many interests in one artwork; love for food, traveling, and photography; these eye-catching artworks done with bold colors and whimsical playful feel are certainly a feast for the eyes. And one that makes your hungry as well!

Releasing a new image every two weeks, these images can be seen on the BrunchCity blog. See below for our favorites!

© BrunchCity

New York
© BrunchCity

© BrunchCity

© BrunchCity