Friday, January 30, 2015

We Love: 'World's Most Beautiful' Chocolates

© Nendo
For these little pieces of truffles, there are so much more than meets the eye. 
As Maison&Objet’s recently named “Designer of the Year”, Nendo, a Japanese design firm, was invited to design a lounge for visitors at their furniture and design show in Paris. For the show, as a part of the honour, Nendo also created nine pieces of chocolates that are so detailed in design, that Fast Co. Design has described it as one of the “world’s most beautiful”.

So much more than little pieces of candy to munch on, these chocolates have tremendously complex and intricate designs of different geometric forms that will leave you in awe. The shapes range from a wireframe cube to a ‘dappled visualisation of a sound wave'. Sounds magical, no?

Only 400 boxes of these limited edition scrumptious treats will be sold on the event, at the Nendo lounge from January 23rd until January 27th. We certainly wish we could be there and grab one.
© Nendo