Monday, January 19, 2015

Trend Report: Watch Out For Mustard!

The trend forecast says 2015 will be bright and shiny with a chance of mustard!

In the fashion world, the trending colors are highly essential. 2015 seems to be the year that will shine bright for everybody. Well, that’s the hope at least. Which brings us to the color that we feel is going to shine bright in 2015: mustard!

As a color, mustard might not have gotten as much love as it should have until now. It’s arguably one of the more challenging color, and you wouldn’t be wrong to think that it would not be a pretty sight if one wears mustard from head to toe. So like anything else, the key is of course to not overdo it.

Us, with the more tanned skin usually stay as far away as we can from colors like mustard. But what’s a new year without trying out something new? Because with the right approach, mustard would look good on just about anyone!

Oh the future is looking bright for mustard!