Friday, December 19, 2014

The Best Travel Apps That Could Save Your Life

Because where would we be without our smartphones nowadays?

When it comes to traveling at this day and age, we should be very grateful that we now could have access to smartphones that just makes everything easier on us. Yes, gone are the days when you’d have to lug around huge maps of a city when traveling; because you can just use your smartphones instead! Also, it is critical to have that app to tell you which restaurants to go to, because you wouldn’t want to eat at a strange place in a strange city, right?! Well, we have rounded up our favorite travel apps that will sure come in handy when you travel this holiday season! Scroll on to see all five!

1. City Mapper
City Mapper is still a relatively new app, which is why it could only be used in only several big cities in the world. But when it works, it sure works like a charm. In cities like New York, London, Tokyo, and Paris; where the public transportations are hard to navigate, City Mapper helps a lot. You would just need to type in your destination, and it will calculate how long it would take to get there by Subway, Bus, walking, or taxi; and which way is the best and fastest way to take given the time of the day, with detailed explanation. And, it could even calculate how much the taxi fare would be at that time of the day with traffic and such. Best part, the saved route can be accessed even when offline - so you can still see route when you get to that underground Tube or Subway where you get no service!

2. Yelp
Yelp is probably one of the more popular apps right now, in any category. Especially when going to the States where Yelp was created, it operates as an online urban guide of sorts that presents you with a bevy of contact information and comprehensive reviews on pretty much anywhere you’d want to go. From local restaurants, bars, cafés, even vintage record stores in the area. It could even narrow down your result based on price, distance, opening hours, and of course, you can leave your reviews for other people so see.

3. Waze
If you ever find yourself at a road trip in a strange country you’ve never been to before, then Waze could very well be your lifesaver. It has been said before that Waze is the champion of the crowd-sourced commute. It offers live routing directly on community-driven mapping and real-time traffic information that encourages users to actively report accidents, unforeseen hazards, and police checks along the way. It could even tell you the nearest gas station. Brilliant.

4. Amount
Although this app is not a free one, really, what is $1 when it could be of exponential help for you? The incredibly simple, light weight, and quick app allows you to convert more than 700 units spanning more than 30 categories; from currency to weight, distance, clothing, to temperature. Available currencies cover nearly any country you might travel to, from popular destination like Germany or more distinct locations like Zimbabwe - plus, it’s updated every night.

5. Hyperlapse
Documenting your travels is an absolutely essential thing to do when traveling. Sometimes you’d see so many amazing places and you wouldn’t know which one to upload onto your social media pages. Hyperlapse could help you narrow down those amazing journeys to fast-paced yet clear so you can post that 15-second video on Instagram!We wish everyone safe travels this holiday season!